Areas of Expertise

Accounting & Finance

  • Chief Financial Officers
  • Assistant Chief Financial Officers
  • Directors of Finance
  • Controllers
  • Assistant Controllers 
  • Senior Accountants

Business Office & Revenue Stream

  • Regional Directors of Business Office & Revenue Stream
  • Business Office Directors
  • Business Office Managers
  • Revenue Cycle Directors
  • Revenue Cycle Managers

Patient Access

  • Regional & Multi-Facility Patient Access Directors
  • Patient Access Directors
  • Patient Access Managers

Health Information Management

  • Regional & Multi-Facility Health Information Management Directors & Managers
  • Health Information Management Directors
  • Health Information Management Managers 

Materials Management

  • Regional & Multi-Facility Materials Management Directors & Managers
  • Materials Management Directors
  • Materials Management Managers
  • Other Supply Chain & Materials Management Professionals

Information Technology

  • Regional & Multi-Facility Chief Information Officers
  • Chief Information Officers
  • Directors of Information Technology
  • Managers of Information Technology 
  • Directors of Information Technology Security
  • Managers of Information Technology Security

Facilities Operations

  • Regional & Multi-Facility Directors of Facility Operations 
  • Director of Facility Operations
  • Manager of Facility Operations 

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