Areas of Expertise

It’s important to feel confident in your Recruiters ability to identify and properly qualify a potential Candidate for your opening. We’ve been perfecting our interviewing and screening process for nearly three decades, guaranteeing that you are presented with only qualified Candidates.

Accounting & Finance

  • Chief Financial Officers
  • Assistant Chief Financial Officers
  • Directors of Finance
  • Controllers
  • Assistant Controllers
  • Senior Accountants

Business Office & Revenue Stream

  • Regional Directors of Business Office & Revenue Stream
  • Business Office Directors
  • Business Office Managers
  • Revenue Cycle Directors
  • Revenue Cycle Managers

Patient Access

  • Regional & Multi-Facility Patient Access Directors
  • Patient Access Directors
  • Patient Access Managers

Health Information Management

  • Regional & Multi-Facility Health Information Management Directors & Managers
  • Health Information Management Directors
  • Health Information Management Managers

Materials Management

  • Regional & Multi-Facility Materials Management Directors & Managers
  • Materials Management Directors
  • Materials Management Managers
  • Other Supply Chain & Materials Management Professionals

Information Technology

  • Regional & Multi-Facility Chief Information Officers
  • Chief Information Officers
  • Directors of Information Technology
  • Managers of Information Technology
  • Directors of Information Technology Security
  • Managers of Information Technology Security

Facilities Operations

  • Regional & Multi-Facility Directors of Facility Operations
  • Director of Facility Operations
  • Manager of Facility Operations

Delivering the talent your organization deserves.

Vacant Executive positions cost Healthcare Organizations an immense amount of time and money every year. Don’t let a “we’ll make do” attitude hurt your bottom line, department and work-life balance. We know how frustrating sifting through thousands of unqualified candidates can be, especially while maintaining your departmental responsibilities. Our team has spent nearly three decades developing a vast network of qualified, reliable, hard-working professionals eager to provide a meaningful impact. Let our firm save you the time, money and hassle by delivering the talent your organization deserves.

How We Work

JCA Personnel Consulting, LLC tailors our search method depending on the project at hand. We offer both Retained Recruiting and Contingent Recruiting services designed to assist Clients in meeting their specific staffing requirements.

Regardless of which method our Client chooses, our firm will work tirelessly to ensure your goals are met. Discover what’s right for you and your organization.

Contingent Recruiting

Sometimes our Clients feel it makes sense to pay for our services once a new hire is on board and the process is complete. Contingency recruiting is appropriate for filling mid-level or upper management positions in a non-confidential manner. Let JCA Personnel Consulting help drive business success utilizing our Contingent recruiting model.

Retained Recruiting

When time, complexity, impact and confidentiality are critical, many clients choose JCA Personnel Consulting. Retained searches are appropriate when the need is urgent or the hire will have a large impact on company performance. Once retained, our team will clear our desk and focus exclusively on filling your vacancy. Retained recruiting represents a commitment from both sides and sends a strong message to candidates that you highly value the opportunity.

Request Our Service

With close to three decades of experience placing Healthcare executives across North America, JCA Personnel Consulting’s recruiting has helped many organizations build the teams they need to compete. We provide trusted, consultative service to each and every client by truly listening and responding to your needs. Our methodical approach yields quick results and high quality candidates that will fit your specific needs. Our success is measured by yours.